Squaris III by Vietek Squaremotionart

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- Width 90cm x height 90cm
- Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, stretched on a back wooden frame, ready to hang
- Painted by Vietek Squaremotionart
- Actual colors may slightly vary from what shows on your e-screen yet they are beautiful and vivid in person
- Unique item (Original Painting)
- Available with Certificate of Authenticity
- Artist based in the United Arab Emirates
- No refund for original paintings

If you look around yourself, you will notice square shapes everywhere. Picture frames, rugs, windows.
Square represents structure, balance, logic and law and order. Square is associated with number 4 and that relates to the 4 elements of the physical world: earth, air, fire, and water. Square is giving us a sense of being grounded and balanced in our physical world.
We are striving for law and order, yet living life full of chaos and unpredictability.
Squaris III is a bright window into the unknown world. Look through and embark on the journey that might take you to beautiful places. We just need to take a first step.

Size: 90x90cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media
Size: 90x90cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media

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