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The marketplace and one-stop-shop for B2B and B2C for buying, selling, exploring, and appreciating art with more than 150+ artists across the Gulf region.

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Kawkab redefines the world of art by celebrating soulful creations from flourishing artists. It is a planet where art is the official language, with the hues and brushstrokes forming letters and words, and writing visual stories on canvas. Through this comprehensive platform, we intend to support, inspire and empower artists of every age, gender, and nationality from across the Gulf region to explore their full potential, giving voice to their stories through the art of their choice. As for every other art lover, we offer you a chance to own these wonderful pieces to adorn your walls and experience the visual treat they offer.

Meet our founder

Vanessa Hartmann

“We wanted to build a community of artists and art lovers and give them a place - a planet - where they can be their true selves, pursue their passion and share their stories through art. At the end of the day, people should be able to feel the vibe and energy emanated from every piece of art they bring home, helping them connect with the work and its creator at a deeper level.”

Original Art

Explore our exclusive collection of handmade paintings from flourishing artists in the Gulf region. Every single piece is uniquely created and signed by the artist, carrying a powerful message or a soulful story that is shared with you.

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Art prints & posters

Browse our collection of hundreds of posters and canvas prints to uncover pieces that truly inspire and reflect your personality. We have art for everyone who wants to breathe life into their homes or office spaces.

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Top questions about KAWKAB

When was KAWKAB founded?

Our company was founded in 2022 by a visionary female entrepreneur, Vanessa Hartmann. Based in Dubai, we have our roots firmly planted in this vibrant city, but our artistic endeavors know no bounds. Our operations span the globe as we work on diverse art projects, catering to an international customer base that shares our passion for creativity and innovation.

What does your company do?

At our company, we specialize in curating a world of artistic expression. We offer an exquisite collection of original art pieces, each carefully crafted by exceptionally talented artists. Our range extends beyond just originals – we provide a diverse selection of prints and posters that capture the essence of creativity.

But that's not all. We're also your go-to destination for personalized commissions, ensuring that your artistic vision comes to life in breathtaking form. On a larger canvas, we collaborate on expansive projects, partnering with hotels, real estate ventures, and corporations to infuse spaces with the magic of art. We proudly serve both individuals seeking a touch of elegance and corporations aiming to transform their environments through artistic innovation. Whether it's for personal or professional realms, we're here to make every artistic aspiration a reality.

What products or services do you offer?

We offer everything related to art.

Where is your company located?

Our headquarter is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How can I contact your customer support?

You can reach us via email: or give us a call at +971524580331.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do offer international shipping and we also work on art projects internationally.

Can I track my order online?

Absolutely! We understand how important it is to stay informed about your order's journey. Once you've placed your order for one of our exquisite art pieces, rest assured that it will be packaged with the utmost care to ensure its safe arrival.

As soon as your art piece leaves our warehouse and begins its exciting journey to your doorstep, we'll provide you with a tracking code. This code will grant you real-time access to monitor the progress of your order, so you can eagerly anticipate its arrival.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to keeping you in the loop every step of the way. If you have any questions or need assistance with tracking your order, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. Your art piece's journey is just as important to us as it is to you!

Are you hiring or accepting job applications?

We always look for the right talents to join our young and passionate team. Kindly send your full CV to and we will get back to you.

What do you do for social responsibility?

Social responsibility holds a special place in our heart. We firmly believe that doing good is not just an option, but a responsibility that we all share. As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, we've taken a meaningful step towards empowering talented individuals in challenging circumstances.

We're proud to support the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, home to many resilient Syrian refugees. Through our platform, we offer a space for these talented artists to showcase their creations and bring their art to a global audience. By providing them with a platform to sell their art pieces, we're not only helping them share their stories and talents but also contributing to their livelihoods and well-being.

For us, social responsibility isn't just a buzzword – it's an integral part of who we are. We're dedicated to using our platform to amplify voices and create opportunities for those who deserve it the most. Because when we come together to uplift one another, we're not just making a difference – we're shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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