Al Amal by Rashida Golwala

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- Width 100cm x height 70cm
- Oil on canvas, stretched on a back wooden frame, ready to hang
- Painted by Rashida Golwala
- Actual colors may slightly vary from what shows on your e-screen yet they are beautiful and vivid in person
- Unique item (Original Painting)
- Available with Certificate of Authenticity
- Artist based in the United Arab Emirates
- No refund for original paintings

The year 2020, saw a phenomenon that has never occurred before; the very first Arab interplanetary probe conducted by the UAE. It was the first small ray of “Hope” in this difficult year, and so has been aptly named: “The Hope Probe” This probe inspired me to try and focus on the light within an ocean of darkness and made me hopeful for the coming events in store for me and everyone else. With a hopeful heart and my passion for painting, I have tried to create a symbolism between Hope and my favorite muse: the horse. The horse and hopefulness (Al Amal in Arabic) go hand in hand, as a horse depicts strength in face of adversity, while hope acts as the driving force behind this strength. In addition, the painting itself has several elements worth exploring. The stencil impressions on the painting add depth and substance to the painting. Calligraphic depiction of the word “Al Amal” in Arabic has been done to symbolize hopefulness. The use of turquoise-blue shades adds a cool and calming effect to the overall painting.

Size: 100x70cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Oil
Size: 100x70cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Oil

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