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Subscriptions plans

We offer several plans—what’s the difference?

Our monthly plans are determined by the purchase price of the artwork.


Choose art you love

Select from our collection of 2,000+ artworks. We have paintings, sculptures, and photographs of various aesthetics all ready to be shipped.

Step 2

Get art delivered

We offer fast delivery for our rental service within the MENA region.

If you’re located in the United Arab Emirates area, our delivery team can come in and expertly install the artwork on your wall.

Step 3

Enjoy flexibility

We know firsthand that artworks can look and feel different in reality.
That’s why you get to choose your own adventure after the first 3 months. You can extend the rental, buy it, swap it or return it completly.


What you can expect from us

✓ Discovery session
Understanding your vision, the timeline and your budget.

✓ Idea list
Creating a list of different art pieces, styles and artists.

✓ Virtual look
How does your art look like in the room you are interested in?

BONUS: Personalizes video messages of the artist about your art piece.

For our B2B clients
✓ Business value & revenue
Showcasing different ways for revenue creation, the potential & awareness

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Top questions on art rental

Why rent if you can buy?

The best part of working with KAWKAB is that you can do both! It’s possible to rent/lease artwork for a low monthly fee, or buy it outright. Some collectors might want the opportunity to see the work in person and live with it before making an official decision. But with KAWKAB, you have the option to change it, buy it or return it any time after 3 months.

How cool is that? So the investment is up to you.


The price depends on different factors such as the selected artist, the material being used, the size and the style (for example abstract, portrait, pop art). At KAWKAB we have a huge community of international artists who will surely fit to your requirements and exceed the quality you expect.

How do you choose artists?

KAWKAB works with a variety of artists both emerging and established. Whether a graduate of an art school or self-taught, what matters is the devotion to the process, and a drive to create and be open to an engaging dialogue. All of our artists want their work to be lived with and experienced by others.
We lean into diversity! Artists who examine topics on cultural representation, race, and gender in a deeply personal and even topical way, are important to us. Many of our artists express awareness of and bravely ask questions about things taken for granted - whether geographical boundaries or gender categories.

What if I want art for less than 3 months?

Once living with an artwork, if you decide that it’s not for you after the 3-month rental period, it can be returned and swapped for something else. We have a 3-month rental minimum. If you decide to return or change the artwork for another piece, you need to inform us 14 days before the contract renews for the following month.

How does rent or buying art become an investment?

KAWKAB is all about investing in our artists and collectors. Our goal is to help you live with art. The good news is that if you decide to rent, the rental cost goes towards the acquisition price should you want to buy. Even if renting, the purchase price is locked in, and guaranteed. Art prices can fluctuate and the best part of working with us is that you have options that can be as permanent or as temporary as you like.

Do you offer art advisory?

Totally - that's one of the things that makes KAWKAB special.


Yes, our artists live around the world and are happy to ship their pieces internationally.

Do you offer rent your art internationally?

Rent your art is only available in the MENA region. For buying art, we ship internationally.


No, KAWKAB takes cares of the briefing sessions with the artist and overlook the whole process. By having one communication channel with the artist we make sure the whole process is smooth. KAWKAB will have different calls with you to understand your needs and requirements and make sure we deliver outstanding art pieces.


It depends on the style of art you want to commission. For portrait art we need a high quality picture of the people, for abstract art we can guide you and advise you what type would fit into your place. We will discuss these details in our briefing session together to make sure we meet your needs and requirements.

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