The Feather by Simona Jachimecova

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- Width 90cm x height 122cm
- Acrylic on canvas, stretched on a back wooden frame, ready to hang
- Painted by Simona Jachimecova
- Actual colors may slightly very from what shows on your e-screen yet they are beautiful and vivid in person
- Unique item (Original Painting)
- Available with Certificate of Authenticity
- Artist based in the United Arab Emirates
- No refund for original paintings 

Exhibited at the Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art Gallery in New York in 2019, The group exhibition „ Elements of Love“ 2016 in Dubai, Solo exhibition „Bloom“ 2019 in Dubai, The F1 Art weekend in Singapore 2018, Published at the „ Middle East Art Collector Book 2018 “

Peacock feather represents a pure soul, one that cannot be corrupted. It stands for immortality and resurrection. The peacock naturally replaces his feathersannually;as such,thepeacockisalsoa symbolofrenewal. InancientGreece,thepeacock was the patron bird of the Goddess Hera. According to myth, she placed 'eyes' on its feathers, symbolizing all-seeing knowledge and the wisdom of the heavens. The peacock possesses some of the most admired human characteristics and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavour to show our true colours.

Size: 122x90cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 122x90cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic

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