Macaw by Sadia Fahad

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- Width 70cm x height 100cm
- Acrylic on canvas, stretched on a back wooden frame, ready to hang
- Painted by Sadia Fahad
- Actual colors may slightly very from what shows on your e-screen yet they are beautiful and vivid in person
- Unique item (Original Painting)
- Available with Certificate of Authenticity
- Artist based in the United Arab Emirates
- No refund for original paintings 

Macaw is a bird famous for its vibrant color, feathers and musical voice. As the presence of it makes its surroundings full of energy and attraction. As a childhood memory these parrots were her dearest pets. Their feathers always let her ponder upon the beauty of nature and the perfection of its creator. The way he has used the colors and their combinations attract humans to feel the beauty of colors and the creatures around us. This painting is best to add in a touch of Green in the rooms and botanical effect with these two birds that also depicts the chemistry between couples and love of two friends. You can also refer to the strong relationships with your partner and the chemistry you create together.


Size: 100x70cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 100x70cm
Material: Canvas
Medium: Acrylic

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